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  • Dr. Kantipur - Dr. Jagdish Lal Baidhya (Surgeon/Uriologist) | 01 August 2020

    Aug 2,2020

  • Private video

    Aug 1,2020

  • Dr. Pravindra Adkhikari (President, Nepal Dental Association) - Dr. Kantipur | 25 July 2020

    Jul 25,2020

  • Dr. Anup Subedee (Consultant In Infectious Diseases) - Dr. Kantipur | 18 July 2020

    Jul 18,2020

Dr. Kantipur

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Mass media in the form of television, radio and printed material are frequently used to deliver medical information to the public. Research suggests that mass media can improve public knowledge and potentially improve health behaviors. Television is one of the most important mass media sources of health information. The increasing amount of health literacy will accompany the fact, that the information and health will be more understandable and the relation between the doctor and his patient will be more convenient. The impact of the TV, which is one of the most effective tools of the media, upon health literacy is a new worthwhile issue to examine for the researchers of the field. Health literacy is something to protect and improve the health quality of people and also entreats reaching health information's to reassure it as well as interpreting and applying that information correctly.
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