Call Kantipur


A live musical show in its tenth year and a household brand amongst music lovers. The program includes video releases and live interaction with viewers. The target audience of this show ranges from all age groups in Nepal, and also, migratory Nepali citizens all around the globe.


1.Akesha Bista

2.Ritu Shrestha


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Today's Programs

Call Kantipur 12:00 AM

Kantipur News 01:00 AM

Harke Haldar 01:30 AM

Kantipur Samachar 02:00 AM

Lok Geet Countdown 02:30 AM

Kantipur Samachar 03:00 AM

Sajha Sawal 03:30 AM

Life Is Beautiful 04:30 AM

Subharambha + Kundali 05:00 AM

Bhaktisur + Aatamabachan 05:20 AM

Jyotish Manthan 06:30 AM

Sky Shop 06:40 AM

Kantipur Samachar 07:00 AM

Kantipur News 08:00 AM

Rise N Shine 08:30 AM

Headline News 09:00 AM

Pariwartan 09:05 AM

Kantipur Samachar 10:00 AM

Kilo Tango Mike 10:30 AM

Headline News 11:00 AM

Kripa Unplugged 11:30 AM

Kantipur Samachar 12:00 PM

Kantipur Tiffin Box 12:30 PM

Headline News 01:00 PM

Music Summit 01:05 PM

Cinema Fest 01:30 PM

Kantipur Samachar 02:00 PM

Rise N Shine 02:30 PM

Headline News 03:00 PM

Pariwartan 03:05 PM

Kantipur Samachar 04:00 PM

New Entry 04:30 PM

Headline News 05:00 PM

Call Kantipur 05:05 PM

Kantipur News 06:00 PM

Ukali Orali 06:30 PM

Kantipur Samachar 07:00 PM

Harke Haldar 07:30 PM

Kantipur Samachar 08:00 PM

Sajha Sawal 09:00 PM

Life Is Beautiful 10:00 PM

Kantipur News 10:30 PM

Kantipur Samachar 11:00 PM

Harke Haldar 11:30 PM

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